Antidepressant Birth Defects Lawyers

Our Antidepressant birth defects attorneys help families of children born with serious congenital birth defects due to pharmaceutical medication during pregnancy.   If you took Effexor, Lexapro, Paxil, Pristiq, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Xanax, Zoloft or another antidepressant medication while pregnant and gave birth to a baby with a congenital birth defect, you and your family may be entitled to substantial compensation from the drug’s manufacturer.


Actos Bladder Cancer Lawyers

If you took the diabetes drug Actos and have been diagnosed with bladder cancer, our Actos bladder cancer attorneys may be able to help you and your family recover significant compensation by filing an Actos lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals. We are helping Actos bladder cancer victims across the United States with Actos claims and Actos settlements.

Zoloft Birth Defects Lawyers

If your child was born with a heart defect or other congenital birth defects after taking Zoloft during pregnancy you may be eligible to recover significant compensation from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the antidepressant drug’s manufacturer,. Our Zoloft Lawyers are experienced at helping Zoloft birth defects victims and can help you recover compensation to assist your family with caring for your child’s birth defect.

Lexapro Birth Defects Lawyers

If you used Lexapro during pregnancy and gave birth to a child with a cardiac or other birth defect, you may be entitled to significant compensation in a Lexapro lawsuit.  A Lexapro birth defect lawyer from our firm can help you review your legal options and establish a strong Lexapro birth defect claim against the drug’s manufacturer, Forest Laboratories,Inc.

Effexor Birth Defects Lawyers

Women who take Effexor during pregnancy may have an increased risk of giving birth to a child with a serious birth defect such as omphalocele, heart defects, and PPHN, a dangerous pulmonary condition. Our Effexor birth defects attorneys are helping families across the United States with mothers who gave birth to a child with a birth defect after taking Effexor while pregnant.